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Delicious Meat Slop

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Ya’ll can add mushrooms if you want. If you do, I would recommend cutting them into small squares or chopping them into small pieces. Slices or large quarters/halves would disrupt the texture.

And if you want to serve it on a hard taco shell I suppose you could, but i feel like something that will absorb/mix with the sauce would be a better pairing.

note – I’ve added toasted sesame seeds as a garnish. I didn’t initially as I thought it might be too finicky, but I’m going to be adding them to my dish, so I figured I better include them here for accuracy. I’ve put it in as optional. They just add a nice flavour crunch. Apologies for the waffling.

Perhaps that is a seasoned and aged cast iron bowl? I dunno i stole the image of the internets. But to answer your question, yes, you do need to serve it in a rusty old hubcap.

The photos have now been updated. Still a couple stolen ones chopping veg though. Kinda tricky to post your own photos if you are gonna make the recipe in the same time frame as everyone else!

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