Scallop & Tomato Linguine

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It has been 5 minutes since i put the last bit of this dish into my slobbering mouth. It was very good. Richard advised to add tomatoes later in the cook, and to hold back a bit on lemoning during seasoning proved to be a great bit of advice, since I withheld tomatoes for about 5 minutes, and they were just burst as the dish was completed. Also, the sourness of the dish was good without needing more, more would be too much. A great takeaway I learned from this recipe is the technique of the topping. As i was brownign the bread crumb and garlic, and tossing in the parm, I was like, why am i adding the parm now and then letting it sit…well…I will be doing it again. The topping as is described creates a very nicely hodling together large chunks of crunchy salty bits. The parm is the binder, and does not have my imagined negative aspects of say, melted cheddar which then comes up to room temp. Will def make this one again.

I am now 10 minutes from last having some of this dish in my gullet, and let me say, it was delicious. Thank you Richard for the slight modification suggestions. Bonus: the recipe calls for 45ml of wine, so we now are left with 705ml to dispense of in a responsible manner.

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