Beef Dip Sandwiches

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I’ve noticed a new addition to the website: check boxes instead of an organizing pane. I think this is a fantastic web ‘development’ and let the record show that I am in full support.

Record scrolls have been adjusted to reflect your approval of the check boxes. I am looking forward to this one, lots of fond memories of beef dips at the grad lounge, although the Jus in this recipe sounds more exciting than the floor polish they would serve at the lounge.

Checkboxes and website changes look fab! Ya, haven’t had a beef dip in years so I am looking forward to eating them as well.

Thanks for the permission Christina, we were always intending to sub the carrots for real carrots. I have never had a delicious baby carrot, they are a snack of convenience. Is it possible to have a delicious baby carrot?

I’ve been meaning to comment, almost a few notes to myself, as I would like to make this recipe again one day. I thought the flavouring on this was excellent, with the shallot, rosemary, horseradish and chives. The chive butter is something I’ll do again. 1.5TBsp of butter on a sandwich is pretty intense, but it gave it an almost cheesy quality. If I were to change anything it would be how the beef is cooked. Instead of slicing and flash frying, I would roast to medium then slice, or would slow cook in the jus until falling apart. The thinness prevented it from being too tough, but I still think a softer juicier meat would be preferable. Just would take some advance planning but probably less actually cooking effort.

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